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Culture can thrive via books and printing, which serve as linchpins for moral and spiritual elevation.

The challenges of the last few decades open major questions.

While it may be true that, indeed, the printed book will never disappear, it is also a fact that new technologies now make reading possible on different platforms and in different ways. In the age of multimedia and e-books, there is a risk that the business of the ancient print shop may change beyond recognition or no longer be understood in its peculiarity.

At the same time, the new possibilities offered by these multimedia technologies open up horizons unimagined only a few years ago, as far as the availability of documents and materials is concerned, as well as new research paths of growing and refined complexity.

Among the circulating materials available on the web there is still the book, the timeless paper book, although digitized and made accessible everywhere, beyond borders and the walls of libraries. Sometimes it is not easily obtainable. Hence, the printed book has become an object of privileged interest, to the point of taking up major sections of search engines and specialized sites, which attests to its irreplaceable value as the quintessential document.